Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - An Year In Review

It has been an absolutely fun 2012 with regards to "Maniac With Camera". Nearly reaching the completion of the full year (the post a day challenge) with my blog has been one of the highlights of my photography career. I'll be cutting back the pace of the posts on the blog this year concentrating on my photography and on the trips that I take with the car that we now have. There will be plenty of opportunity for more photography, and that is what I will be focussing on to show you in 2013.

My Best of 2012

There will be a purchase of a TC-20EIII in 2013 and the saving of funds for the eventual purchase in 2014 of the Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4 VR super-telephoto; a purchase that will range with taxes the cost of almost $10,500. This will undoubtedly bring a change in the calibre of photography of wildlife photography that I can bring to the table here. The purchase of this lens is going to be one of the best purchases I will have ever made in the progression of this business.

I have committed to wildlife photography as my passion and career choice. The purchase of equipment will thus reflect that and support that decision. It will allow me to get the photos that I know I'm capable of getting and start me on the journey to being a professionally published wildlife photographer. I look forward to sharing that journey with you. And if there is one thing I can ask my readers of this blog. Please mention my blog to your friends and let the readership of this blog grow. I hope to bring videos and other interesting tutorials into the makeup of this blog down the road. Maybe I'll be able to sponsor a field trip to places like George C. Reifel for photography for those who might be interested. All of those things are interesting ideas. But in order to do that, the readership of this blog must go up and right now, that means my current readership at Maniac With Camera numbering 12 and FalconRose Photography numbering 1 respectively, must rise exponentially. Thank you to everyone who has supported FalconRose Photography throughout this year. We appreciate your support.