Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Galen's and Cameron's School Portraits

I decided to go the American School style for school portraits. I was tired of the one or two sitting postures that are chosen for school portraits and I've found that the highlights were blown out. I decided to do the portraits myself and follow the individual style of outdoor photography. And then threw a throw-blanket over the bookshelf and used that as a backdrop for the indoor photos.


Galen's indoor portrait


Galen with his skateboard

The ones of Cameron were taken indoors after the school photographer came and took his classmates' shots. I refused to let the school photographer do theirs.



Maybe we'll try another photoshoot with the both of the kids at school, either on the playground or on the basketball court outside.

All photos © 2009-2010 FalconRose Photography, (Hugo Chikamori, photographer), all rights reserved.

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