Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to FalconRose Photography's Blog

Falcon Graphics was born in 1995 when Hugo Chikamori, then a realtor with Landpower Realty thought about assisting fellow realtors with the design and creation of open-house brochures. Back then graphics technology based on Windows operating systems was in its infancy, printers taking often 4-5 minutes to assimilate a print job and thus he usually ended up waiting half an hour for a brochure to print. This was NOT the way to encourage repeat customers. After meeting and marrying the love of his life in 2000, he ventured to addict her to model-building and photography, his two other passions. Since both he and his wife were both born in June within two days of each other, 6 years apart, they decided to add the rose (the June birth month flower) to the name to create FalconRose and switched ventures from "printing" to "photography".

With the objective firmly in place, they embarked upon a vision to create a photography business, first by creating stock photography, then ultimately going freelance and opening up a photo-studio. The road towards freelance photography has been long and tiring, however we've managed to get our first few breaks doing some work for Newton Advocacy Society's Annual General Meeting booklets as well as taking some photos for their awards ceremonies. The first steps are usually the hardest and as such are absolutely necessary in marketing and crucial to the overall success of the business

With the creation of this blog we are trying to show you what we're trying to do in the creation of this business, what services we offer and above all show you the results of our labours. After all it isn't just fancy equipment that forms the basis of a photography business, it's the people behind the equipment. FalconRose Photography was originally founded on the basis of architectural photography as Hugo's specialty is and has always been Landscape and Architectural and his background has been in the real estate community. However with the economics of the photographic market, we have had to branch out into other forms of photography such as wedding, portraits and commercial photography. FalconRose Photography is not averse to other forms of photography such as aviation photography and aerial photography, however those are niche markets and the equipment to do those types of photography such as hiring the aircraft to take us up is costly, but we will do those if asked.

Update: 03-30-2012 - We have decided to eliminate weddings, portraiture (other than for our own family) and commercial photography from our business. We have decided to venture full-steam ahead into wildlife and landscape stock photography full-time

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